About Jonny Rocker


A few years ago I got a job on a construction crew, mostly just for the money. I learned carpentry from some older guys on the job site in Indiana.  Pretty quickly I found I loved doing the work and learning new aspects of the trade. Over the years a simple construction job sparked a passion for wood working. 

     Ive always needed a creative outlet in my life.  This usually is not available in the construction trades so after a couple years I started exploring the world of furniture and cabinetry.  This is where Hellsing Furniture was born.  I loved being able to take things that I like and inspire me, and marry those with an ancient trade.  Rock n Roll, Horror, and Baroque Design all mixed together in a sketchbook and came out as Hellsing Furniture.

     Creating new and exciting things will always be my passion.  I hope everyone enjoys Hellsing Furniture and I can't wait to see whats next down the road.