Wood Materials

Pine is a soft and relatively inexpensive wood, making it perfect for a rustic piece of furniture with lots of texture and character.

Poplar, somewhat harder than pine is a good upgrade for pine.  Smooth and consistent grain patterns make for a great surface for paint.

Oak is a classic hardwood.  Strong and reliable makes for a great furniture material.  Oak has deep grain fissures which create amazing patterns in the furniture.  

1.5 inch thick furniture pieces of poplar or oak are made from individual 3/4" boards glued and joined into 1.5" thick stock.

In first edition models wooden filagrees were purchased pre-made Currently all wooden filigree details are handmade by Jonny Rocker.

Paint, Stain, and Clear Coat materials

All paints and clear coats are water based.  Stains are minwax.


All fabrics are soft velour.

Cushions are a variety of medium and light density upholstery foam.